Elk Creek Hiking Trip - Spring 04

These are pictures from my hiking trip to Elk Creek Falls near the town of Elk River, Idaho in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest (Clearwater Region). Elk Creek Falls is a hike through a ravine carved by the creek. The trail sits on the pioneer trail and includes the foundation of the original school house in the area. The trail's most prominent features are the three falls (upper, middle and lower) which make up this part of the ravine. The middle falls are spectacular, it is actually two falls, with a small pool inbetween, which fall approx. 90'.

The pictures you see here are thumbnails, click on the picture to see the larger one. The picture sizes are 1 to 1.8mb, shrunk here to 400 wide for visibility (and bandwith considerations).

To The Falls!
Jen on the trail.
Buddy on the trail.
The Old School In Elk River, ID
[Jen and Sophie]
Jen and Sophie on the Trail.
The creek's ravine with flowers in the foreground.
Flowers and the river.
Jen at lower falls.
[Lower Falls]
From lower falls lookout.
[Middle Falls]
A view of the 90' middle falls from the goat trail.
[Middle Falls]
A view of middle falls from the top.
A view of the river from the top of middle falls.
A log on the river right before middle falls.
A view of the river about to go over lower falls.
[Jen and Serg]
At lower falls.
Sophie asleep in the backseat on the way home.
[Buddy and Sophie]
Crusing the trail.
Sophie by the river above middle falls.
You can see our trail on the hill in the background.
[Upper Falls]
A view of upper falls from the trail above.
[Upper Falls]
A view of the upper falls from the river bank.
Some yellow flowers on the trail near middle falls.
[Middle Falls]
A more panaramic view of middle falls from the trail.