Undergraduate Papers

Senior Seminar (CS 492 A) Dr. Mary Jane Willshire
Spring 2003
Distributed Systems in Mobile and Ubiquitous Environments
PPT Presentation

Introduces the field of distributed systems, mobile systems, and ubiquitous computing. It goes on to further describe the current state of the research and some open research questions in the field.

Paul: Theology and Controversy (THE 407 A) Dr. Will Deming
Spring 2003
A Condensed Summary of Galatians 3-5

A 32 sentance (two sentances for each paragraph in NRSV) summary of Paul's argument against the law in Galatians 3-5.

Introduction to Macroeconomics (ECON 120 Section ?) James Seal
Fall 2002
A Comparison of U.K. and U.S. Social Policies and their Funding

A paper which looks at social security and public health funding differences between the US and the UK. Backed by some very good statistics.

Introduction to Fine Arts (FA 207 Section C) Dr. Edward Bowen
Fall 2002
Architecture Reaction

A very short paper explaining some architectural features of some buildings on the UP campus.

Art Museum Speech Outline

A speech outline detailing a single piece of art that we enjoyed while at the Portland Art Museum, I never delivered this speech.

Art Museum Reaction

A very short paper analyzing 5 artworks seen while on a visit to the Portland Art Museum.

Sculpture Reaction

The assignment was to find two pieces of sculture on campus and write a reaction paper answering some basic question about the piece techncally and aethestically.

Informed Opinion of the Film Europa

A critical essay on Lars Von Trier's film,


Zentropa Speech Outline

The speech outline for my presentation on Lars Von Trier's


Religion and Science (THE 453 Section A) Dr. Thomas Hosinski, c.s.c.
Fall 2002
Thinking God: Theology in an Age of Neuroscience

An essay that explains current advances into neuroscience, and neurotheology. Further discusses criticisms of religion by neuroscientists and the validity of those criticisms.

Religion and Science: The Conflict in the Solutions

An essay outlining and analyzing the primary stances on the relationship between religion and science: conflict and independence.

Great Philosophers: Hume (PHL 469 Section A) Dr. James Baillie
Fall 2002
Hume, Natural Religion, and the Problem of Evil

A paper which looks at Hume's critique of Natural Religion using the problem of evil, also evaluates limited theism to some extent.

Hume's Justice

A paper critically analyzing Hume's theory of Justice.

On Hume and Induction

An attempt to critize Hume's position against the rationality of induction.

Philosophical Theology (THE 451 Section A) Dr. Thomas Hosinski, c.s.c.
Spring 2002
Gilkey and Religion

A critical essay on Langdon Gilkey's thesis in "The Dialectic of Christian Belief: Rational, Incredible, Credible"

A Reason Bounded by Faith

A paper on the relationship between reason and faith.

History: Early US History (HST 201 Section B) Dr. Mark Eifler
Spring 2002
The Glory of the Civil War

An essay comparing the film "Glory" to the actual accounts of African-American Union soldiers.

The Struggle for Power

A brief stage play on the Federalists and Democratic-Republican political parties during the election of 1800.

The Influence of Religion on Early European Colonists' Impressions of Native Americans

How the Roman Catholic religion influenced the spaniard's view and impressions of the Native Americans in early encounters.

The Role of Westward Expansion between 1800 and 1860 in the Civil War

An essay on how the massive expansion westward during the years 1800 and 1860 contributed to the US Civil War.

Ethics (PHL 220 Section E) Dr. James Ballie
Spring 2002
Utilitarianism Justice: Problems and Solutions

A paper on the Utilitarian theory of justice and an attempt to reconcile the problems of it with the solutions it poses.

The Meaning of Life...and I Truly Mean It This Time, I'm Not Joking Around Here

A paper on the Meaning of Life ("Capital M, Capital L")

An Argument Against The Claims of Respect and Tolerance in Cultural Relativism

A paper that refutes the idea that believing in cultural relativism (where morals are only valid within a culture) allows respect and tolerance of other cultures

Artificial Intelligence (CS 451 Section A) Dr. Rylander
Fall 2001
Air Temperature Prediction Using Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks

A required research term paper.

Intro To Literature (ENG 212 Section D) Fr. David Sherrer, C.S.C
Fall 2001
A Discussion of Imagery in T.S. Elliot's "The Winter Evening Settles Down"
Othello Act I
Othello Act II
Othello Act III
Othello Act IV

Speech (CST 107 Section A) Dr. Jeff Kerrson-Griep
Spring 2001
Critical Analysis of a Public Speech

A critical analysis of a presentation of Dr. Osiel Bonfim on the Dynamics of a Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field and the Polar Aurora.

Heritage Speech - Outline, Heritage Speech - Goal Paper, Heritage Speech - Self Evaluation Paper
Informative Speech - Outline, Informative Speech - Bibliography, Informative Speech - Self Evaluation Paper
Persuasive Speech - Outline, Persuasive Speech - Goal Paper, Persuasive Speech - Bibliography, Persuasive Speech - Self Evaluation Paper
Policy Speech - Goal Paper, Policy Speech - Self Evaluation Paper

The Synoptic Gospels (THE 412 Section A) Dr. Deming
Spring 2001
Kelber Analysis

A paper analyzing Werner H. Kelber's

Mark's Story of Jesus

Judeo-Christian Culture (THE 205 Section A) Dr. Dempsey, O.P
Fall 2000
Gentiles, Authorities and Jesus

A critical and thorough analysis of Luke 7:1-10. End of term paper.

Reflection Paper # 2

A paper on John Collin's "Marriage, Divorce, and Family in Second Temple Judaism."

Reflection Paper # 3

A paper on Leo G. Perdue's

Families in Ancient Israel
Test 1, Essay 1, Test 1, Essay 3
Test 2, Essay 1, Test 2, Essay 7
Test 3, Essay 2

Intro To Philosophy (PHL 150 Section A) Dr. Faller
Spring 2000
Goethe Quote

"Our mistakes and failures are always the first to strike us, and outweigh in our imagination what we have accomplished and attained."

Response to presentation by Dr. Paul Weingarttner of Salzburg

Dr. Weingarttener spoke at the University of Portland.