UP Pictures - 1

Here are the pictures, arranged in some order based on page. Theres alot, I'm showing probably 80% of them, the rest were either blurry or duplicates. The links to the other pages are at the bottom.

The pictures you see here are thumbnails, click on the picture to see the larger one. The picture sizes are 1536x1024, shrunk here to 400 wide for visibility (and bandwith considerations).

Please do not link to these pictures because I dont have alot of bandwith on this server - thanks.

Thank you for all the wonderful years, I hope these pictures are as fun to look at for you as they were for me!

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The Lab, What..What...The Lab
[Bryan, Melody, Kimvi, Serg, and Mike]
Friends to remember.
[Joel and Billy in the Lab]
Now is that java code or counter-strike gentlemen?
[Bryan and Leon in the Lab]
Ahhh.... the work spouses together again.
[Mike and a cup of coffee]
Wallace needs a good cup of coffee to finish his compiler.
[Bryan, Drew, and Leon in the lab]
Thats right brother, hang loose...drew, just keep rock'n those nand gates man.
[Drew and a bottle of water]
What's in the bottle Drew? Drew trying to make weight.
[Mike and Melody in the Lab]
Dr. V: Code my minons! Ahahaha (evil laugh), one day it will all be mine!
[Bryan, Kimvi, and The Belt]
No explanation necessary...where's Devon?
Ahhh... reminds me of those days studying algorithms :)
[Russ, Leon, Billy, Scott, AJ, Bryan, Joel]
The juniors watching the seniors work...what happened to repsect you're elders?
[Serg and Monica]
I told you I was ticklish.
[Serg and Monica]
This is what you get for tickling me!

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